Motion Control - MRMC Bolt Jr+ Rental

Rent a MRMC Bolt Jr+ w/ Track

Mocolab offers the Bolt Jr+ cinebot with up to 30 feet of track available on location or in-studio.

The Bolt Jr+ is a compact high-speed robot for filmmaking that packs a punch.

The MRMC Bolt Jr+ is strong and powerful enough to be in the Bolt class of robots, yet compact enough to be pushed through a standard doorway. Take a look at what it helps filmmakers make.

Bolt Jr+ Rig Dimensions and Specifications

  • Max Height - 8.5'
  • Minimum Height 0'
  • Arm Reach 4'5"
  • Camera Payload - 22lbs
  • Rig Weight - 750 lbs

MRMC Bolt Jr+ Operating Envelope

MRMC Bolt Jr+ Price

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Mocolab offers competitive pricing and a quality motion control experience for this premium service.

The Cinebot Max is a more affordable motion control robot we also offer.

We also have entry level motion control solutions like the Emotimo ST4.3 and SA2.6.

What is Camera Motion Control?

Camera motion control employs robotics and software purpose built for filmmaking to simplify the process of creating camera moves in precise, repeatable ways.

Our Bolt Jr+ robot can shoot virtually any camera move without the need for complicated rigging. It’s a 6 axis robot arm, with a 7th axis of motion provided by it’s motorized track.

MRMC Bolt Jr+ Cinebot Rental with Experienced Operators

  • 22lb Payload
  • 9ft Wingspan
  • Runs on 20A House Power
  • 30'Precision Motorized Track
  • Target tracking keeps subject in frame and in focus
  • Orbital camera moves
  • Frame accurate synchronization
  • Mix different frame rates on the same camera move
  • Value add service for photographers
  • Replicate actors or objects on takes
  • Capture same camera movement at different locations
  • Optical illusions
  • Miniatures and scaling
  • Focus stacking
  • Continuous motion transitions

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