About Mocolab

Mocolab is short for motion control laboratory

We combine cinematography and robotics to engineer amazing visuals for our clients.

deploying motion control robots to set with phantom veo and sfx rigging.

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Our Team

Mike Greenberg

Managing Partner, Lead Bolt Operator

Mike is the driving force behind Mocolab's groundbreaking approach to motion control, shaping the company's vision and delivering a seamless customer experience.

With a keen eye for innovation, Mike leads the day-to-day operations leveraging emerging technologies to transform how agencies and directors can deploy motion control and high-speed image capture to create amazing shots.

His collaborative spirit ensures that each production receives a tailored motion control experience pushing boundaries while ensuring an on-schedule execution.

Beyond his role at Mocolab, Mike is an Emmy-nominated Director and Producer leading boutique production company Konspiracy Studios known for creating kinetic and authentic content in the sports, tabletop docustyle realms.

Expressway Cinema Rentals

Operating Partner & Equipment Rentals

Mocolab as an Expressway Cinema Rentals company provides the same level of dependability and high level of service clients call upon Expressway for their rental needs.

Expressway operates full service Camera and G&E rental facilities in Philadelphia, PA and Upstate NY (Rochester & Buffalo).

Expressway also oversees and serves as exclusive vendor to the Studio Network, all high quality studio options for bringing motion control to set.

The Expressway fleet of trucks includes a customized 16' box truck with extended liftgate easily unloading the Bolt and it's track while still maneuvering smaller locations.

Vince Perretti

Bolt Operator

As somebody who has primarily worked after the cameras stop rolling, Vince’s expertise is bringing a VFX mindset to production in order to work not only efficiently but creatively on set. That foresight leads to smoother shoots and the chance to explore in the moment. Why “fix it in post” when you can do it right the first time?

Ben Vuocolo working with the Bolt Jr+

Ben Vuocolo

Bolt Tech

With the motto "I can figure it out," Ben possesses a range of talents for problem-solving on set.

As a trained motion control operator, camera technician, and with a background in assistant camera operating, Ben offers a gamut of assistance for everything related to cameras and robotics.

Book the Mocolab Studio for a quick and convenient tabletop setup.

Mocolab’s MRMC Bolt JR+ rig lives ready-to-shoot at it’s namesake facility.

It's available to travel wherever needed, but this is it's home.

Cozy industrial chic studio great for tabletop and demosClose proximity to Bud’s Studio and Expressway Cinema Rental Lounge area for 2-4 clients

  • Lounge area for 2-4 clients
  • Close proximity to Bud’s Studio and Expressway Cinema Rental
  • Cozy industrial chic studio great for tabletop and demos
  • No transport costs or setup time, maximize your MoCo


Sq Ft

10' x 10'

garage door