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What is Mocolab?


What is Mocolab?

Transform Your Marketing with Cinema Robotics

At Mocolab, we specialize in transforming your cinematic vision into reality with cutting-edge robotics.

Our studio leverages the unparalleled precision of the MRMC Bolt JR+ cinebot and the high-speed capabilities of the Phantom Veo 4K to deliver breathtaking visuals that captivate and inspire.

What is Mocolab?

We use robots to make commercials, in ways you'd never be able to manually.

Mocolab is short for Motion Control Laboratory. We work with production companies and agencies to ideate, execute and deliver product visuals using niche tools and techniques

What can we help you make?

Click play and let Mocolab show you what's possible. Then book a demo to learn more about how we can help you elevate your shoots.

How Much Does It Cost?

More than you want, but less than you'd think. Get a Quote Today.

Traditionally motion control robots were only available to six-figure commercials.

Candidly the best work on our reel is made is in conjunction with great agencies and production companies.

That said,– We work to create packages that can serve  in-house creative teams and D2C brands as well.

As an Expressway Cinema Rentals company, we have access to everything needed to deliver for you including studios, production equipment and post-production.

Who are you guys?

Mocolab is a joint venture between Mike Greenberg, and Expressway Cinema Rentals.

What can Mocolab help you create? Message us today.

Where are you based?

We're headquartered in Philadelphia, PA.

We serve clients from Rochester, NY to Richmond, VA.

Let’s chat about your marketing goals and see how Mocolab can help you create unforgettable campaigns. Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter to stay in the loop on the latest in cinema robotics and motion control.

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Mocolab combines robotics and cinematography to create amazing visuals. Sound interesting?

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